Win the chance to drive an LS powered E92 in the BDC!

We’ve got a very exciting opportunity for one lucky person to win an amazing experience, to step into the shoes of a BDC driver.
Matt is rebuilding his LS swapped E92, and he decided it would be a great idea to let someone, with potentially no experience whatsoever, get behind the wheel of it.

We’re not just going to throw you in at the deep end, you’ll get a full day of one on one tuition from RDX (worth £1000) and will be taught by nonother than DMEC’s King of Riga 2019 Martin Richards.
You’ll then get to take part in another practice day with tuition from a Pro driver, but this time behind the wheel of the E92.
Finally you’ll head to Three Sisters for Round Two of the British Drift Championship, and can get behind the wheel once again at the practice day. Once that is over, if they want to they can go out for qualifying as part of the Pro 2 class (which let’s be fair of course they will!), this is an amazing opportunity for one lucky person!
On top of all this, we’ll be providing all the tyres and fuel for the car, a pit crew for the weekend and you’ll even get put up in a hotel with the rest of the BDC team!
We’ll be creating a whole series on BDC Insider around this person, and the tuition and practice days, and show them learning the techniques and skills it takes to drive on a pro-level.

How do you get your chance at winning? It’s simple, all you need to do is buy a sticker (or a handful of them) and we’ll enter you into the draw!

To be eligible to win you must be over 16 years of age, and able to get yourself along to all the training sessions and the event to take part.

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